How To Use UTV Emergency Kit

I’m sure you must have heard that it is very good for one to plan for the evil days. Well, it is not as though one should always expect the worst from one’s outing, but having some of the utv emergency kits will do lots of goods in some unseen occurrences.

For every UTV rider, there is some essential emergency kit that you should never leave out of your vehicle whenever you are going out with your UTVs. You might not know the need or importance of those kits until the need for it, and they are not within reach.


What are the UTV emergency kits and how to use them?

GPS locator

Your mobile device can only work where there is service. There are some places you get to any you need to call your fellow to get yourself back on the track. In this kind of situation, you need a quality GPS device for UTVs to help you out.

It has proven and still proving to be a great emergency kit when it comes to locating a destination or finding one’s way back to the track after getting lost in the jungle with the UTV.

Large first aid kit

You might ask why you need to go out always with your first aid kit. The point is that there might be casualty you never planned for in the jungle that will require the use of first aid before the further attention of any medical team. It is the reason you should always have it in your UTV.

Small air compressor/fix-a-flat/tire repair plugs

This is an emergency kit sets you should never go out without. Your outing might turn out to be a hell of your UTV develops fault such as the tire getting flat, and you do not have the air compressor to fix. This kit is not a bargain for any UTV rider but a necessity.

Bug spray

Obviously, this has nothing to do with your Utv but with you. There are times you have to go too deep in the jungle and with different bugs out there, you can easily get stink by anyone which is why you should consider having a bug spray to help you scare off the bugs.

This might look irrelevant to you until you get stink by a bug, and then you realize you could have easily sent them away from you with the application of the bug spray.

UTV Winch

While riding your UTV in the jungle, you will have to walk through the different ground surface, and some might be too muddy to allow your UTV to walk easily. In some cases, you might get stuck and need to drag out your UTV; in this condition, you need a quality winch to help you get your UTV out.


This post on how to use UTV emergency kit is just to enlighten you on how important it is for you to have those kits with you while riding your UTV and also to tell you their uses.

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